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ncloseTM solves the handling of various paper media.

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The perfect complementary solution for an organized environment.

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Change and display graphic media with simplicity, convenience and safety.

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Acumen's participation at IIDEX 2014
December 12, 2014
FSCC Successfully completed
September 04, 2012

Marcal Products & Wayfinding Marcal has been developing signposting systems since 1987.

Marcal works closely with the most rigorous architects, graphic designers and users, both on content, and on shape, texture and colour, to ensure that these systems convey every aspect of the meaning and concepts involved.

Marcal answers today’s demand that the properties of the product seamlessly complement the space,
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Nova Polymers has been an AIA approved Continuing Education provider since 2009.

Nova Polymers have endorsed Acumen as a preferred supplier for tactile braille as Photopolymer, which is now being produced at our factory in Markham, Ontario.

Collectively both Nova Polymers and Acumen believe that providing educational content to the Architectural & Design community is critical to ensuring that the built environment provides accessibility to those with disabilities and done in a sustainable and environmentally conscious manner.

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AIA approved Continuing Education Presentation: ADA Requirements for Room Identification Signs


Please feel free to contact us to schedule a presentation.

Acumen Visual Group Inc. facilitates all requirements for Division 10.

This includes temporary signage and Occupancy signage as well as the following.
10400 Identification Devices,
10410 Dire.....

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